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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  January 10, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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ragedy in tu sob tucson. jared leloughner will be in court today. winter cal lop. a snowstorm is paralyzing the south. more than 000 flights are already canceled. you guessed it, the storm is heading th way. watch out. good morning. thanks for joini us for news 4 today. i' eun yang. >> good morning. i'm joe krebs. sit monday, the 10th of january,
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2011. live look tside. no sno falling here. but it is very col on this monday morning. tom is here with a look at our forecast. >> looks like tt snow is headed ourway. want to know the latest and greatest. >> check with your airli because we have many cancellations. snow has affected travel from the carolinas into arkansas. and on this monday morning here we have increasing clouds. no travel problems weatherwise. dr pavement around the region. temperatures just near 20 grees in the rural areas. nearby suburbs, low 20s. counties in blue are under a winter storm watch that. does incde pnce geor's, howardst. mary's. the countiesearest washingn and the eastern shore. frigid morning in the mountains. losingle digits in many locations. we're below freezing arnd the region. the last 12 hos, snow in
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easternkentucky, moving into west virginia. it's tomorrow when the storm system really develops along the atlantic seaboard tha may give us snow. temperatures between now a then remainin mostlyelow freezing. increasing clouds. a lookt the snow total in ten minutes. and w jim russ, how is traffic? well, so far couple mor accidents but nothing to slow us down. northbound 95, dale city, lanes are open. heavy through woodbridge. at's the traffic going toward us at the btom of the screen there. a littleit heavy getting through the 123 interchange. maryland, 270 southbound, past the interchange of 109. minor crash on e lo. that's on the shoulder. far no delay there. and the toll roads are both inretty good ape. joe, eun, back to you. thanks very much. >> a deep sse of loss stretching from arizona to
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catol hill this morning. a gunman openedire at a political event th weekend, lling six people. they include a fedal judge and a 9-year-old girl. 14 othersere injured, including congresswoman gabrielle giffords, who is fighting for her life now. kimberly, good morning. >> rorter: good morning, eun. they are confident they have the man responsible fort carnage. they are seeking a defense tonight for jared lee loughner. 22-year-old is charged with murder, attemptedurder and attempting tkill a member of congress. he'll face a federal judge for the first time today. over the weekend jerl agents gather evidence from his tucson home, including an afl found in a safe with the handwritten words, i plato head my assassination and the name "giffords." and wh appears to be his signature. newly released 911 calls provide evidence and family members of
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other vtims are talking aut the loves they lost. >> multipleeople have been shot. >> okay. >> oh, my god. >> i just kne in my hrt it was something bad, something really, reay bad. they couldn't. and she just passed away. >> reporter: at theospital in tucson, surgeons are cautiously optimisticegarding congresswoman giffords's survival. th is congresswon giffords. she joined the new republican majority in reang the constitution on the house floor. shwas assigned the first amendment,rotecting of course the freedom of religion, o speech and the right tossemble peefully. her 30-year-old aide was kled in the shootingmpage.
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the flag is fing half-staff at theapitol honoring him. eun, back to you. >> kimberly suiters in the newsroom kimberly, thank u. as kimberly mentioned, a federal judge wasmong those killed. john lowell had been on the mencsince 1991. the youest victim was christina green. she hajust been elected toer school's student council. she was born on 9/11/2001. out of respect for congrewoman giffords and zimmerman, both houses will suspend work this week. president obama postponed a i trip to new york. he was planning to discusshe ecomy. he said this is a te to come together in prayer and refltion. speaker john boehner said an attack on one of them is an attack on all o them. >> service is a high honor. t these tragic eventsemind
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us that all of us in our roles in service tour felw citizens comes with a risk. this inhuman act should not and will n deter us from our lling to represent our constituents and to fulfill r oath of office. speaker boehnesaid he directed the flags on the south side of the capital to be flown at half-staff in honor of one of the members who was killed in the attack. sdploot nation's thoughts and prayers are withhe family and victims out in tucson. the focus here in washington i whether major changesre needed to keep members of congress safe here in washington and when they're out meeting with constituents. tracee wilkins is live with more on those concerns. tree? >> reporter: good morning, joe. capital police have been fielding calls from congressmen, lawmakers.
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folks are tryg to figure out what needs to be done to try and take care of security. and some surity experts have alsoeen weighing in t protect folks in congress and also in the senate. on wednday, there will be a security briefing for memrs of congress. of coue this is in response to this shooting on congresoman gabrielle giffords. they are assigned one plain clothes police offir. while many members of congress ha said since this shooting they don't plan on chaing how they interact with the public, so security experts are saying maybe theyshould. >> what i hope to see happen is they reevaluate securityor the rank and file members of congress. i think some congress members are vilant in their security. i think as a bis they should
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look overall for all members. that not just including the hallof congress but also, for example, what happened saturday s a look at public events. reporter: some experts are saying a good place to start with increasing security would be to use local lawen,ment of public events saying this is not just about the lawkers but the public and folksho attend. back to you all in the stud. >> tracee, thanks very muc president obama is calling for a natnwide moment of silee today at 11:00 to honor the victims of the shooting. the supreme crt will gather, convening early so the justices can observe t moment of silence. beure to stay with news 4 for continuing team coverage of the tragedy in tucson and for mor on security concerns on the hill ad to sit 6:08, 25 degrees. a sneak peek at the cars of the future. we'll take you inside the
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detroit auto show. winter blast isitting the south and causg big travel problems. meteorologist tom kierein will let us know when that storm will hit re. weatheand traffic together on weatheand traffic together on the ones, next.
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good morning.
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it's 6:11. cold in the low to mid 20s. we do hav a winter storm watch. counti in color just to the east, soheast and northeast of washington for tomorrow. l coming from this storm system that's been spreading snow across areas south of washington and the carolinas now into tennessee and kentucky. somef that snow will be coming up ouray during the day tomorrow. this is a preliminary loo at the impact from this potential storm. it does appear liky we wi get two to four inches in washington mixing with sleet in the pink zone, including washinon, areas south and east. mostly rain farther south and eastith sleet. two to fournches of all snow. this shouldaper off tomorrow afternoon and evening. maybe lingering flurries on dnesday. tom, starting to t heavy traffic auto 95. ince william parkway jammed, getting through woodbridge. nothing stuck in the roady. just a lot of trafc. maryland now, a crash.
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outer look athe leej bridge. police and fire trying tget there. plan on extra time to get around this crash on the outer loopt the leej bridge. joe, eun, back to you. vre riders will soon have that they have never had before. nine mders so far in prince george's cat county. now the police chief h a new plan to stop theviolence. cars a always fun to look at and probably drive as well. at and probably drive as well. we'll lk i the film gala's inbout 2 hours. wanna go? yeah! wa. 2 hours!?
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od morning and welcome back whether you're a fan of muscle cars or a little more conscious of your carbon foprinthere are cars for everyone at the 2011 ao show kristen dahlgrenas a look at some of the newest and coolest whee over there. good morning, kristen. >> reporter: hey, good morning, joe. i cked out thatuscle car for you. i thought eun would look prey nice in this one. its very carefly sprayed on mud here. this sws youhere's a little bit more show, a littlbit more optimist here. i asked people wt the big story is and they said it's
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really about recovery. remember just a few years ago we didn't know whether or not ey would survive. is year they're back, they're showing us something new. and they really do feel better. last year it felt somber. this is very different thi year. u.s. automakersave two dismal years and 18ears of losing markets, in 2010hey actually gained mket share here in the u.s. detroit, a bit of a coming out party this year, a bit oa celebration. it's not just a big year fort ugs automakers, this is important for the foreign companies as well. because some o them, like toyota and honda, lost u.s. market shares. a new family-sized prius. ikea and hyundai. honda is redegning its civic, one of the most popular models
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it has. and the most talked about here will be from volkswagen. that even has a u.s. tie. this new -- and i found ou joe, ty're calli it the passat. new but for a lower price. it will be maden chattanoo in a $1 billion faory. it's not justify the car nufacturers doing well. that means the parts suppliers also doing well it all trickles down. so really a much better, more optistic feeling this year. i want to ask yo you'v been showing us the big muscle ca, pickup trups. full-size pickup salesre real up this ar. are they gettingway from the fuel efficiency that everybody was sort of eecting cars would beoing for now? >> reporte it's a great estion. it's kind of a battle that the auto manufacturers are going through right now. because they are still putting out these fuel efficient cars. there are new fuel standards
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they have to compl with in the next few years. so they're devoping electric ca and hybrids a things like that. in the u.s. market, the suvs and the bigger pickup trucks still doing well. it's sort ofhis tug of war to see which will win out and who will walk the line. >> that's a big habit that's going to be very hard to break for u.s. drivers. >>xactly. >> kristen, thanksery much. >> i like that muddy truck. ee wireless is coming to vre by late sprepg. it cost around $50,000 to install wi-fi on th two rear cars per train. vre spesman said they're trying to gure out the demand to see if it would expand to more cars ift's popular. breaking news out of the district this morning. one person is dead after tha person's car ran into a row home and caught on fire. this happened early this morning in the 800 block of a street and
6:19 am
southeast. megan mcgrath joins u live with more. good morning, megan. >> repter: well, good morning, joe. a lot of questions surrounding exacy what happened here this morning. what we canell you is this ll came in as a report of a fire. emerncy crews arrived on the scene d began battling the blaze in this garage area. when they extinguishe flames they found bodies inside the car. tell uwhat's going on. any idea who this person was and exactly what happened. >> that's all bei investigated right now. of course, as y mentiod, we did have a car fire in th garage. for the most part the fire was confined to the area of origin. firehouse rit around the corner, we were here within minutes. we did not receive the cars a crash. we received the initial call as a fire. right now we're trying t put together t circumstances. investigators are working with metropolitan police, of urse. right now certificatestill
6:20 am
active investation. we do have one personhat was deceased that was found in the vehicle. simuaneously, as they were searching the house they also found a victim almost immediately in the car. but, again, that person was deceased. >> reporr: okay. thanks for joining us. we'll bring you an update later in the show. >> megan mcgrath reporting live. thank you very much. interim poli chief mcgraw is starting a plan of actioto combat the violence. he said we will stop the high level ofiolence which plagued our inner beltway community since the beginning the year. this will be aoncerted, sustained effort. together we are a foidable force that wl bring calm to all segments of our coty. he said the crime-fightinglan says it includes 24 tectives to criminal, narcotic task rce, one over special operations in the most highly affected areas, and workg with
6:21 am
community and busiss leaders to get their help in stemming the violence. much of the south is waking up to snowfall this morning. areas could get four inches or more of snow. no serious injuries reported. weather is affecting flights around the country. delta warned travelers thats many as 1,400 flights could be canceled today. a cancellations, including all delta flights to and from atlant again, all flights to and from atlanta canceled at reagan national airport it's only goingo get worse as it heads-up the coasteading
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rit for us. >> it will disrupt travel beginning here all t way to w england, including new york city area. stay tuned. if you have travel plans to our south, major disruptions in the carolinas and tennessee and kentucky. here it's just cloudy now. incrsing clouds from the south and west. we have temperatures cold in e low to mid-20s. counties in colors uer a winter storm storm. calvert, charms, st. charles, undel. it has been spreading snow across the southland intohe tennessee valley thimorning. that's continuin to develop. a coastal low swinging along the atlantic seaboard ding the day tomorrow. here are t initial preliminary storm impts we may have. pink zonehere whington is and eastern southern suburbs. two to four inches of ow and sleet. southern ryland, northern nec rginia. farther north, allnow.
6:23 am
shenandoahalley, up to four inches. lateomorrow morning and wednesday getting sun back in the afternoon after perhaps morng flurries or snow showers and cold thursday, frida and all the way into the weekend. how is traffic? not so good at the legion bridge. outer loop is going on 495 southbound towards tyson's corner. accident blocking the two left lanes. that's the traffic towards the bott of the screen. another perspectivef this as you would be approaching it from e maryland side. very heavy traffic getting to the scene here. outer loop, legn bridge, pn for extratime. now to viinia, i-95. jammed up to prince william parkway. 66 so far running without incident. likese on 270. joe, eun, back to u. it is 6:23, 25 degrees. why sarah palis reality show was canceled deite good ratings. former d.c. schools
6:24 am
chancellor michelle rhee talks about what s did not do well during her
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this morning news 4s giving you the opptunity to stt the new year with a new u. joe doesn't need it. at 80 this morning we are going to ambush tee people for a complete makeover. if you want a chance at a wle new look mee up with barbara harrison in front of the dotown macy's.
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>> i'm looking for the ambush d hfr over. >> new career. >> everhing. >> thas the next show. you can do that one. >> maybe i will. back to the news right now. today presidentbama will mee th french president nicolas sarkozy. sarcozwill be serving a the president of the g-8 and g-20 sum mitts. he is looking toet help from president ama. he this foreign markets should not re as heavily on the american dollar. president obama and sarcozy are expected to discuss foreign policy and security issues. sarah pan's "alaska" has been refuted. last night's two-hour finale o the tlc show was the last episod 's not clear which side pulled the plug othe show. itad garnered high ratings.
6:28 am
some analysts believe it could beolitical. if she continued the series and ran for president, tlc would be obligated to give equal me to other candidates. and erybody who knewou could get a free reality show. >> the you go. lining up at the or. coming up next at 6:30, two big stories for you. tragedy intucson. this was not the gunman's first encoter with congresswoman gabby giffords. a winter storm watch has been issued for parts of t ar
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good morning and wcome back to ne 4 today. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. it is mond, january 10th, 2011. we'll take a live look outside right now at 6:31, 20 deees. i did look at the sky and i did see sts this morning in the sky. >> i bumpe into t door knob this morning. >> the skys going to change. we have snow coming our way. it's batteri the south and now it's heading to the d.c. area >> yeah. we have increasing clouds. no travel problems. y pavement around the region. you should not have any difficty getting off to work and school. low to mi20s. good rning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. 26 at national airport. counties in cor are under wintertorm watch. lvert, st. mary's, arundel. they couldet up to fouinches
6:32 am
of snow and maybe some rain and sleet mixing in. frigid in the mountains. onlyn the single digits. leadg edge is into the carolina this morning. that coming our way by tomorrow. fo today,ncreasing clouds. a look at the storm for tomorrow in ten minutes. had trouble at the american legion bridge. pect delays getting from bethesda to tyson's rner. accident mov to the shoulder near the george washington rkway. 270, heavy traffic in germantown. thing in the way on 270. 66 looks good fromhe west. jo eun, back to you. >> jim,hanks very much. a mass shoot anything arona left the nation grief stricken. six people were killed when a gunman walked into a political gathering and opened fire. 14 others were injured including
6:33 am
gabrielle giffords. she remains in intensive care now. meanwhile, the frightening event halawmakers worried about eir own safety. noel walker has more from tucson, arizona. >> reporter: flowers a candles multiply on the lawn outside the hospitalhere congresswoman gabrielle ffords is in a fight for her liferecovering from a sing bullet to the head. >> there'sultiple people shot. >> okay. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: there is mounting evidence that giffords was likely the target of a lone gunman's weekend rampage at a political gathering inucson but left 20 peop shot, six of them dead. >> the gunman didn'tven pause. just close range bullets to the peoplehat were there, and they were jt falling in front of him. >>eporter: late sunday, giffords's husband issued a statement expressing gratitude to the people of arina and the nation for the support adding, quote, gabby was doing what she
6:34 am
loved most, hring from her constituents, when ts tragedy occurred. investigators served a search warrant his home. he said i planned ahead, my assassination and one that said giffords. he is seduled to make his first court appearance in phoeni including murder and the attempted sat nation of a congresswoman. >> i am not at all going to preclude that addional charges will be broht as the vestigation continues. among the dead, feral judge john wool and 9-year-old christina green. the gir was born september 11th, the d of the terror attacks, and feature in a book about 9/ babie called "faces of hope she began her life in tragedy and ended her le in tragedy.
6:35 am
thtragedy were bookends. the bulk of her life was wonderful. and we loved every minute of it. at the hospital doctors are cautiously optimistic about congresswoman giffords's recoveryut say they d't know what that recovery will look like yet. noel walker, nbc news, tucson. this morning new details are emerging about the man accus in the ooting. jared lee loughner reportey had contactith congresswoman giffords before. his friendtell the associated press he attended an event thr years ago and asked giffords a estion, asking, quote, what is government if words ve no meaning? courdocuments showed ffords's office sent him a letter thanking him. he listed animal form and brav new world, on how authories control the masses. both hses of congress said
6:36 am
they will suspend work this week. president obama said this is time for the nation to come tother in prayer and reflection. jo boehner has ordered flags be flown at half-staff. ed qstion now is how to keep representatives and senators safehen meeting with nstituents. tracee wilkins is liv on capitohill with more. good morning, tree. >> reporter: good morning, joe. security experts have been weighing in on what, if anything, shod be done to add additional security and protection for members of congress, as well as members of the senate. on wednesday, there will be a security briefing for members of congress as well as their families. this is in response, of course, to the shooting of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. leaders of congress and the senate, as it stands, do he plain clothes capital police ficers assigned to them, one each.
6:37 am
while this will not change the way they plan o interact wit the public, some security experts are sing maybe it shou. >> i think as far as implementing security it would be this likehat happened on saturday is have local law enforcement onite. that's common from time to time. you're going to have people, law enforcement stature in the area. i think that's sort of something they should look at each time they go out. ey're going to have an evt, y, do we have local law enforcement here. it definitely is a deterrent. >> reporter: some secury experts say this should also be handled on a casby-case basis. th should also take a look at the places where they're getting these public events, if there have been issues there in the past, the should be an increase as well.
6:38 am
presidentbama is calling for a natnwide moment of silence today at 11:00 a.m. to honor e victims of the shooting. be sure to stay with news 4 for continuing teamoverage of the tragedyn tucson and more on the surity concerns on the hill. heado our website, 6:38, 26egrees. coming up, forr c. schools chancellor michelle rhee talks about what she did not do wel duri her time a superintendent of d.c. schools. and we have clear skiest this mome. storm headed our way. weather and traffic gether on the ones, next.
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go morning. time foreather and traffic on the ones. 6:41 on ts monday morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. cold start this morning. increasing clouds fr south and west. lowo mid-20s ound the region. counties inolor under a winter storm west, southeast and northeast of washington all coming fm a storm system that's spreading snow into kentky, tennessee and the carolis this morning, arriving here tomorrow. and today increasing clou, highmid-30s. tomorrow, anywhere from a inch of sno south and east of washington mixing with sleet up
6:42 am
perhaps four ines farther st and north and all ending late tuesday night, a lingering flurry on wednesday moing. remaining cold toward the endf the week. a look at the weekend and a look at the storm in t minutes. jirnlgs how is traffic? traffic pretty slow right w. accide on the outer loop of the leej bridgon bridge. 0 jammed up. again, getting through germantown. nothing stopped in the way there. joe, eun, back to you. 6:42, 27 degrees. a winter storm hitting the south d causing big travel prlems. chris van holland will join us live to share his feelings with the tragedy in tucson as well as the security concern for members of congress, at home and
6:43 am
6:44 am
good morning and welco ba. investigators are still trying to piece together dails of a mass shooting in azona this
6:45 am
weekend. six people were killed when a gunman opened fir at a political gathering in tucson. investigators belve congresswoman gabrielle giffords was the taet. she was shot ithe head and remains in intensi care in the hospital. 14 other people were also injured. the effects of this trady arbeing felt around the country and especially here in washinon. the meers of congress will be discussing security measures. thanks f joining us this morning. >> good tbe with you. >> now, you work close with couplewoman giffords. >> dpaby was a good friend of mine. i worked with her on policy issu. she was a great advocate for solar energy; a great advocate for solar energy. i was responsible for helping her in what turned out to be a close election. she s one of our brightest lights a i'm confident she is goin to pl through here.
6:46 am
>> how do you stay accessible to your constituents and also ensure your own safety? >> gabby was doing what sheand . it part of the job as representative to be out and about and talkingo your constituents. i think all of us will have a heightened sensitivity and awaress to possible, you know, threatening calls tha sometimes come into offices, off dismissed as somebody who, you know, some person whos way out the but not necessarily a real thrt. so the capital police, sergeant of arms will have a numr of briefings to discuss the tngs we may or may not be able to do. i and my colagues are absotely determined to make sure we are accessibl tour constituents. >> canou talk about any of the measure in termsf extra security.
6:47 am
>> i thinkhe advice of the capital pice is goingo be some of the services that have been available in the past but people haven't necessarily exercised those options. they recommend you make conta with your local police force so things can be expedited inase somethin goes wrong. there are occasions where you have big up to hall mtings where you ask local law enforcement to be prest. for sothing like this, this is an inforl kind ofvent just meeting your constituents informally members of congress have not brought security to those kind of events. whether this chain things, we'lhave to see. >> the sheriff made waves by saying a little bpolitical conv had an impact. >> wef course don't know the motives of this shooter yet. bu apart from that there's no doubt at i believe we need to
6:48 am
wn down the decib level o the receipt particular. we have differences o opinion. they shod be vigorously deba debat debate but when it gets overheated, it can have consequences. anybody who advocates violent action, whether it's the vernment or taking action against an individual, any individual or a member o congress thatbviously croes a line that shod never be crsed. this week congress suspended work to reflect. what wl you be be refcting on, congressman? >> first of l, gabby and her staff and her constituents and the ople who died. and i think all news congress, in the mia and the country need to ask ourselves a questi, how can this kind of thing happen in our country and what do we needo do about . clearly the individual appes to have been unable as this
6:49 am
person shod not be able to get access to ns. we saw that at virginia te and other places. there will be sou searching on ts of big issues. >> thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. gruesome detai about the murder of a las veg showgirl and former redskins cheerleader. the body of navarre was found dismembered in two cement tubs in a las vegas home over the weekend. her former boyfriend jason griffith was arrested aerwards on suspicion of murder. investigators used s records from a truck that griffith rented to find the body. she had been missing since mid-december. today former d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee will unil her plans for" students first."
6:50 am
so far the organization has rais $1.4 million and attracted 14000 members. the goal is toaise a billion within the next year. in a recent inrview with the associated press she talked about the things s did not succeed at in the d.c. school system. mainly she failed to engage the parents and local leadersho supported her ideas. the goal will be to support schools, enhance teaers and empower families with information and choices. virginia governor bob mcdonald will release a snding plan that will create jobs, according to the "washington post." he said he wants borrow $3 million for transportation projects the next three years and spend 400 million on aing roads. in addition, he is looking to spen$100 million on state universities and job creation. he said he plans to pay for the an with the state's $400 million surplus. in our cnbc business report, gas price continue to sky rocket. antipating a big move by
6:51 am
apple. according to the lumberg survey, the average price foregular gas hasisen nine cts in three weeks. the current national average is $3.08 a gallon. prices have been keeping pace with the national average. d.c., $3.19. marynd, $3.08. and virginia is the best place for cheaper gas with prices averaging $2.99. iphone is expected to come to verizon this week, breaking at&t's exclusive deal with apple. verizon is holding an event morrow. much of the south is waking up to unusual aunts of snowfall this morning. partsf northern mississippi, which normally gets just under inch of snowfall per year, got between four and six inches. arnsas got sleet and freezg rainefore getting two to four inches of snow acrs the state. there have been a lot of power
6:52 am
outages in both states. so far no serious injurie have been reported. and the weather islready affecting flights aroun the country. delta has already warned travelers amany as 1,400 flights cld be canceled toy. we're taking a look picturef our skyline. clouds up there. mainly a beautifulubpoena rice ou there. already a number of cancellations at reagan national, including all delta flightso and fro atlanta. ey will likely only get worse as this sto ctinues to move towards the coast approaching us. tom is here to tell us the latest. snow tomorr, m? >> yes. we'l likely have accumulating snow. but that snow came down hard in places that don't normally see it, that much of it anay. that's one of the spots in mississippi where n i'm joined by my colleague mike sh dell from the weaer channel. mike, how much snow didhey get there where you are? >> repter: hey, tom, goo morning. down here in northern
6:53 am
mississippi, tee to four inches of snow and sleet. about an inch of snow in a typical winter. sometimes they don't evenee snow talked to teenagersast night and they ve never seen anything likethis. was snowing like we were up in d.c. i asked one girl, hey, would you like to see this for three or nour months. she said, no, i'll take this once in a while and live i mississippi. it is virtually ghost town today. nothing traveling. a fewractor trailers. that's because near in grenada county they ha one snowplow. they he to wait for t plow to get the interstates. it's a wait a see for thi atmosphere to warm up. today, highs only in the mid-30s and staying in the 30s the next couple ds as we folw the storup into your nk of the woods later on tomorrow. tomming back to you. >> thanks so much, mike appreciate it.
6:54 am
here it' cold. low t mid-20s. increang clouds. washingtonmid-20s. in the suburbs, near 20 degrees. all the countiesn blue under a winter storm tch, arundel, calvert, charles, st. mary's and points east and north of ltimore, and eastern shore. all of this from a developing storm system spreading snow into eastern tennessee, eastern kentucky. this system is continuing to evolve. it looks like it will tn into aoastal low pressure system around hatteras. track the atlantic seaboard. increasing clouds. highs rching mid-30s this afternoon. nrise, 7:26. sunset, 5:05. here's the scenario i expect from the storm. we'll be taking this as we get better information. right now near washington and eastern southn suburbs, one to ree inches of snow or sleet.
6:55 am
more sleet mixing with this lighter amount, lower eastern shore. looks lik all snow for areas west and north o washington, two to four inches possible the. all ending late tomorrow night. cold o thursday. remaining coldll the way into the weekend. and now jim russ, how is traffic. >> outer lp at the bridgepan going into virginia. 's been moved to the rht shoulder at the george washington parkway. new hampshir haef, the traffic here is slowfrom 9 to georgia avenue. rush-hour traffic. nothing out of the ornary. nortound 95 jammed uat woodbridge. slow traffic up on land mark. >> jim, thanks. wee following breaking news out of the district this rning where a person has been found dead in a burning car on capitol hill. the body was discoved inside
6:56 am
the gara of a row home ely in the 800 block of a street southeast. fireghters say they initial received a call for a fire at a residee. when they arrived they found the car to be engulfedn flam. ey did find one adult in the car. it's not clear how the fire stted or how that person died. an update on our top story. now today predent obama will lead t nationn a moment of silence. giords remains in intensive care after being shot in the head at close range. this morning there's evenore mounng evidence that gifdz was the likely tget of the shting that took place at a potical gathering. >> at close range to the people that were ere. they were just falling in front of him. >> 22ear-old jared lee loughner charged with murder, atmpted murder and attemptin to kill a member of congress.
6:57 am
he will fac a federal judge later toy. both house office coness will suspend work this week out of respect for giffords and the other victims. spker boehner said he directed thflags on the south side of the capital to be fln at half-staff in honor of o of the members who was killedn the attack. that is it for . >> have a great day. we'll see you torrow. >> bye.
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